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Our Story


King Claw - Juicy Seafood & Bar is a highly esteemed and successful seafood restaurant brand, garnering widespread acclaim in Georgia and South Carolina. We are proud of our reputation for delivering unmatched quality and extraordinary customer experience, which has established us as a leader in our industry within these states. As we continue to broaden our footprint into additional regions, we remain steadfastly committed to our pursuit of excellence. Our ultimate goal is not merely to expand, but to become the undisputed premier seafood restaurant brand throughout the Southeast. Leveraging our strong foundation, unrivaled culinary expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are poised and prepared for the exciting journey ahead.


At Chan Hospitality, our ethos is straightforward yet strategic. We are dedicated to expansion through the cultivation and acquisition of brands that redefine the landscape of both full service and focused service restaurants.

Our growth strategy is rooted in a judicious approach: aligning with superior brands, securing prime locations, and positioning ourselves in the most vibrant markets.


From an operational perspective, our success is hinged on a deeply-held belief in nurturing our associates. We understand that by investing in their well-being and professional development, they are empowered to deliver exceptional service to our guests. This symbiotic relationship between our associates and our guests forms the backbone of our organization, and propels us on our journey towards industry leadership.


The mission of Chan Hospitality remains as lucid and succinct today as it was during our inception in 2015. Our mandate is to generate value for our diverse stakeholders, including our guests, investors, associates, brand partners, and those who have entrusted us with their assets. We achieve this through a judicious and balanced approach to growth, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to a culture of superior service. Our aim is not simply to meet expectations, but to consistently surpass them, fostering trust, credibility, and long-term relationships. The core tenet of our mission is to ensure that every interaction with Chan Hospitality yields rewarding and memorable experiences.


Chan Hospitality envisions a future where we continue to be acclaimed as an award-winning owner, developer, and manager of distinguished restaurant brands in pivotal business markets and esteemed leisure destinations. Through the strategic divestiture of our leisure products, we aim to foster a balanced and measured growth trajectory, effectively allocating resources for reinvestment into our company to maximize stakeholder value.

At the heart of our vision lies an unrivaled guest experience, underpinned by a culture of superior service. We are committed to ensuring that our associates, across all levels and locations, are provided with the requisite leadership, training, and autonomy to cultivate and perpetuate this culture, irrespective of the specific restaurant location or brand affiliation. Our vision is a testament to our dedication to excellence, continuous growth, and the provision of an outstanding dining experience

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